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Pioneering the future of autonmous systems.

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University of Maryland

Premier Student Robotics Club

Robotics @ Maryland (R@M) is a student-run organization dedicated to furthering robotics education through the hands-on development of multiple robotic systems.


Dive into Qubo, our entrant for the 2023 RoboSub competition. It is our second generation autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) pushing the boundaries of maritime robotics. Robotics at Maryland's largest and longest project to-date.
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Interested in supporting our work? Robotics at Maryland is actively looking for sponsors to help us fund and develop new projects, and to support us as we compete in the 2023 International Robosub competition.

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Robotics at Maryland

Neutral Buoyancy Research Facility, 4436 Technology Drive, College Park, MD, 20742

3rd Floor Robotics Lab, E.A. Fernandez IDEA Factory, 4462 Stadium Drive, College Park, MD, 20742

Meetings 7 - 9 PM Wednesdays, 1 - 4 PM Sundays. Join our Slack for meeting locations.

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